[Digikam-devel] 0.10.0 too slow to use

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Tue Jan 22 06:39:55 GMT 2008

Hi Jasper,

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008, Jasper Mackenzie wrote:

> >  0.10.0-svn is not yet to be used for production!
> > Just one word : digiKam  0.10.0 still in alpha stage. It's not yet ready
> > to
> > use in production...
> > There are a lots of things to test/debug (:=)))
> Thank you both for your quick responses.
>   I am aware that it is *very* alpha. And issues of crashing are of no
> suprise or consequence
>    Its just that all my images are on a network drive, so its my only
> choice. Hence I use it.

Fair enough ;-)

> I thought maybee these comments or issues would help you with development,
> and that the sane solution was indeed a user related problem.

Well, hard to tell: Gilles had some ideas on the IRC yesterday:
- is the NFS server set up correctly?
  (presumably yes, if gqview works fine/fast ;-)
- do you have the database on the file server as well?
  If not, there is no reason to have latency time.
- In general: there are many regression tests to be done:

>   If you are not wanting any critique etc. about 0.10.0 then please let me
> know and ille wait, busting, for a more mature version.\\

I will leave it to Gilles/Marcel to say what they can
handle at this early point in the development ... ;-)

> please excuse my arrogance, I assmumed, as a users (And not a coder = no
> idea how difficult to change things), that feedback and ideas about your
> package would be useful, especially pre release.

Really, I did not see any hint of arrogance, so nothing to excuse!
You wrote a nice polite e-mail pointing out some issues with
the upcoming 0.10; maybe my reply sounded patronizing -
it was just to make clear (to others) that this is very alpha software
and avoid users jumping on it; of course you sent it to
digikam-devel, so that was absolutely the right place!

Actually, I think that the NFS feed-back is important,
because if something is not optimal in this direction,
this may point at some underlying, important problem.
In particular, because one of the main aims with 0.10
is precisely to address the issue of
NFS/remote image collections!

So if you could try to debug the issue about the slow
speed a bit further, this might be very helpful.
However, as I am not involved in the development of 0.10:
Gilles/Marcel: what do you think?

Best, Arnd

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