[Digikam-devel] IPTC => XMP

Andreas Huggel ahuggel at gmx.net
Mon Oct 15 18:25:50 BST 2007


Here are some comments to your document. Since I am more concerned with 
the formal aspects of the metadata, they may not be particularly 
useful. I used the IPTC core XMP schema specs as a basis.

Tab Content:

Caption: Xmp.dc.description is a language alternative, i.e., digikam can 
set the language of the caption, or allow the user to specify the 
language or even allow for multiple captions in different languages. 
One of them can be the default. (The same goes for all other properties 
which are defined as language alternatives of course)

Tab Origin:

Creation date: The IPTC core XMP standard suggests to default this to 
the corresponding Exif timestamp

Location: There is an Xmp.iptc.Location property. Not sure if it is 

Tab Credits:

Contact: There is an Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo property and subfields 
Ci* which may be suitable for this.

Tab Properties:

Release date/time: There is an XMP property Xmp.xmpDM.releaseDate, maybe 
it can be used


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