[Digikam-devel] IPTC => XMP

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 10:05:31 BST 2007

> I am using Iptc4xmpCore 1.0 Spec as reference.
> Tab Origin:
> There is some mess with location. Iptc.Application2.CountryCode (and/or
> LocationCode) should translate into Xmp.Iptc4xmpCore.CountryCode. In
> Xmp.photoshop.Country should be full name of country not 3 letter code.

Right. Fixed.

Tab Credits:
> Iptc.Application2.Contact isn't totally obsolete:
> Xmp.Iptc4xmpCore.CreatorContactInfo

Right. Fixed.

Problem this should be split into total implementation following vCard
> structure.

Right. planed.

Tab Subjects:
> Iptc.Application2.Subject -> Xmp.Iptc4xmpCore.SubjectCode

Right. Fixed.

Note : Xmp.dc.subject != Xmp.iptc.SubjectCode.

Xmp.dc.subject are the famous Iptc.Application2.Keywords

Tab Status:
> Typo in second field: "EditSatus"


According to spec Job identifier field should be translated as
> Xmp.photoshop.TransmissionReference but I see conflict here

Right for a tool dedicaced to transfert IPTC to XMP. For an XMP editor, the
field disappears...

IPTC to XMP will be implemented into Exiv2 core (by Andreas)

Also not sure if Title really belongs here. Position suggests it is
> title of comment, but this is title of object - not always the same.
> I would swap headline and title or even moved title over headline in
> Content tab.

Well, current layout is inspired from Photoshop 7.01 file info panel witch
work like this...

Tab Properties:
> If you really want some super control over it ReleaseDate and
> ExpirationDate should be added to Informations (Status tab) or into
> Xmp.xmpRights.UsageRights with automatic comment.

Andreas ?

Tab Envelope:
> The best place to put it into XMP is some automatic integration into
> Instructions.

I don't know this one yet from XMP. Andreas ?

After to read a full description of Dublin Core spec, the
Iptc.Envelope.UNOmust be stored in

I have updated open office doc accordingly on svn...

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