[Digikam-devel] 0.8 branch

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Thu Jun 23 21:43:48 CEST 2005

Dnia czwartek 23 czerwiec 2005 15:16, Tom Albers napisał:
> Hi,
> First: thanks for your report.
> Op donderdag 23 juni 2005 11:02, schreef Mikolaj Machowski:
> > 2. Last sentence in dialog about deleting of items from database
> > should mention once again it is removal from database, not images
> > itself. "Do you want to remove descriptions of these items from
> > database?" NOT "Do
> >    you want delete these items?"
> >    Users are really reading (if anything...) only first and last
> > sentence.
> I whink the warning is clear enough. If people are scared because of the
> text, they read the whole message.

No. They are crying out loudly "Mikolaj!!!" Or going through very
stressful moments.

> > 3. Not properly detected encoding and subsequently broken non-ASCII
> > letters in
> >    comments.
> Which is pretty weird because we depend on the locale for that afaik.

Sorry, I was too quick to conclusions. Locale seems to be detected
properly, in ~/.kde/share/config/digikamrc:
[General Settings]
Locale=pl_PL    <- which on *nix should automatically means iso-8859-2

Still, entry was broken. I understand currently descriptions are stored
in utf-8 (previously in iso-8859-2). It looked like entry was passed to
display as utf-8 while screen font is generally in iso-8859-2 encoding.

> > 9. In date search possibility to select images not only by week, but
> > also by
> >    day of week (columns).
> I've not done that because I don't think it makes much sense to select
> all pictures from every wednesday of the month. Feel free to convince me
> of the need for it.

Weekly recursive meetings. Both personal and professional.

> > 14. No possibility to assign tag by drag'n'drop???
> You can drag tags (from the right) to the images.
OK. That is another problem. I really don't like two panels for tags.
Why cannot it be done with one? Let it be on the right side, but one.

Situation with tag panel on left side. As is today with checkboxes on
the right side for filtering.

Lets choose some album, then switch for tag panel. Album view isn't
destroyed. Click (without releasing) on some tag, nothing changes, then
wait for release. If tag was dragged assign tag to images. If released
without dragging make tag query.

OK. This probably is not making much sense, but I feel something is
wrong here. You should ask on openusability.org .

Tomorrow I will try to find Windows machine with Picasa installed and
play with it.

New thing:

Great feature it is possible to change type of relation (Or, As well as)
in advanced search dialog after inserting new condition. But why is it
so well hidden? I know, it will take more space (and I am always for
saving screen estate) but this is one of few cases where you cannot play


ps. Something is *really* wrong with generation of thumbnails... Now
I am even not able to view some thumbnails which are visible in other
types of views :/

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