[Digikam-devel] SideBar support in ShowFoto and Image Editor

Rainer Krienke rainer at krienke.org
Mon Aug 15 17:40:47 CEST 2005

Am Montag, 15. August 2005 17:19 schrieb Joern Ahrens:
> On Monday 15 August 2005 17:11, Caulier Gilles wrote:
> > Le Lundi 15 Août 2005 14:24, Mikolaj Machowski a écrit :
> > > To Rainer: data displayed here is rather vertical in nature, displaying
> > > it horizontally would be difficult. Maybe making tab floating?

I think this ist not true in all points. The histrogram view would be better 
placed in a horizontal layout. For the exif data again more people would 
probably prefer teh vertical layout since then you see more of these data at 
a time. I as already described I would prefer the horizontal layout even for 
EXIF, but this is my personal preference motivated by the space otherwise 
wasted because of the 3:2 format of my photos. 

> >
> > tab floating ? What is it ? (:=)))
> Detaching a view from the sidebar and displaying it in a separate window
> (like in kdevelop). But this wont be implemted, because it isn't
> userfriendly. Users (particularly newbies) tend to destroy their view when
> they can use the floating tabs. We had a long discussion about this option,
> when I added the sidebars to digikam and we decided against it.
> ... Jörn

Is there a way to make the sidebar tab draggable to vertical or horizontal 
layout without detaching it? I think of this like the kicker in KDE which you 
simply can drag at the top,bottom or left, right side of the screen changing 
the layout from vertical to  horizontal orientation.  If this could be 
implemented it would be the best of both worlds: No seperate windows that a 
newbe could accidentally destroy but on the other hand an optimal layout that 
can be choosen quickly depending on what has to be done (e.g. EXIF or 
histogram) for a certain image with a certain aspect ratio.

For me personally a horizontal layout would be better for exif as well as for 
the histogram. But I think for everybody its at least true, that a histogram 
can be better displayed in landscape mode than in protrait mode of the 
sidebar. So both layouts have some advantages and some disadvantages 
depending on what you want to display in the sidebar, there is no clear 
winner as I can see it. So why not leave this choice to the user? He knows 

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