Words and large files

Dag dag.andersen at kdemail.net
Mon Mar 22 08:01:21 GMT 2021

Hi, opened the odf spec in words the other day.
This is a document with 800+ pages and a TOC of 60+ pages.
I did the same in LO to compare.
Don't take the absolute times too seriously as my box is well into its 
teenage years.
But, I think comparison with LO says a lot:

Open: 2,5 mins, LO: 40 secs.
Except that TOC page numers is not shown (just ###), navigation, scrolling 
etc works fine.
Save: 4 mins, LO: 30 secs.

And now to the bad part:
When a try to type a character words freezes for about 50 secs.
It seems the whole doc is re-layouted and also the TOC is updated (page 
numbers appear).

Then when auto-save kicks in words freezes again without any feedback. I 
expected to see a status meassage and a progress bar, but no.

Krita solved freeze by making a copy of the doc and save in the background.

LO is better (but not good).
Generally you can type new text wo problems but it freezes for shorter 
periods (maybe when updating page numbers), and it freezes when 

It never updates the TOC, this needs to be done manually.

Suggestions (just my 2 cents):
1) TOC should be updated manually to avoid re-layout.
2) Auto-save in the background.
3) Minimize re-layout by e.g. only re-layout dirty pages before and 
including the displayed page(s).

Mvh Dag

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