Wikipedia preparation for 2.4 release

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Wed Apr 11 12:49:16 UTC 2012

Am Mittwoch, 11. April 2012, 13:42:55 schrieb Markus:
> Am Mittwoch 11 April 2012, 13:19:49 schrieb Friedrich W. H. Kossebau:
> > So this is how Wikipedia works these days, everyone writes articles about
> > their own stuff?
> Well, I'm not a Calligra author (in fact I'm longer a Wikipedian than a KDE
> member).

Ah, okay, sorry, do not yet have a complete picture of all the people involved 
in Calligra, so misassumed here.

> The best way for official members is to publish a blog post about
> fact that Wikipedia authors can use as reference. Eg. I have to admit that I
> called Words a fork of KWord on WP because the early Calligra website
> called Words "a word processor created from KWord" or something like that.
> It required a blog post by Boemann to get that straight.


> > * Sometimes only half of the program names are used, like just "Words" or
> > "Sheets". But that should be always "Calligra Words" or "Calligra Sheets",
> > as this is the official full name.
> IMO that's part of editorial judgment for better readability. In their
> dedicated articles the actual names are explained, eg. "Calligra Words" is
> one article but another is "Karbon (software)".
> LibreOffice has something similar:
> That table calls the word processor Writer but its article states that the
> full name is LibreOffice Writer.

Hm. Just that this blurs the real name a little. If I had to decide, I would 
insist in the full name everywhere, no made up short forms.

After all the LibreOffice authors use the short forms you mention themselves, 
see e.g.

This is different in Calligra. Its e.g. always "Calligra Words". Oh wait, not. 
At least the urls are just, the icon on the first page 
have just a short form, and the big picture on e.g. also 
has just "Words" in it. Leftovers, or still current state?

And is unsure if the full name is "Calligra Flow" or 
"Flow". Same for "Calligra Plan". also needs an update, in any case. Anyone working on 
this, and would coordinate what is updated by whom? I would spent some time on 
that, tonight.

In general, other real Calligra devs and especially the Calligra marketing 
people should better chime in here, while I chime out :)


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