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C. Boemann cbo at
Sun Jun 12 21:08:40 CEST 2011

Well I indeed tried to describe the technical terms while still keep telling 
about as many features as possible. So I think this is indeed directed towards 
end users already, but I'm naturally open to improvements. It was after all 
just a response to call for announcement content

On Sunday 12 June 2011 19:53:06 Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> As discussed I propose to have the text splitted for end user and
> powerusers/developers.
> The text below is user friendly already, some parts could  be moved to
> developer section.
> I am also calling to have one term for our releases: call it snapshots
> or alpha. I am voting for alpha.
> For now we use 'alpha' term in about box and versining and 'snapshots'
> in announcements. Let's have it simple!
> On 12 June 2011 02:08, C. Boemann <cbo at> wrote:
> > Here is the kind of text I would like (sorry for almost writing it
> > completely for "my" area):
> > 
> > For the first snapshot we introduced a new engine to create the text
> > layout. This happened only days before the first snapshot, and since
> > then we have worked hard to remove as many bugs and making the text
> > layout in general look more correct is so many ways that it is
> > impossible to list them all. So just try out your favorite text
> > documents, be it .odt, .doc or .docx format, and you will see how much
> > closer we have come to perfect display. One improvement that will be
> > very noticeable is how much better we handle anchored and inline images.
> > 
> > The .doc and .docx file formats are handled by small programs (that we
> > call filters), which essentially takes a .doc or .docx file and convert
> > it into an .odt file. From then on it's handled just as any other .odt
> > file. From this you can see that .doc and .docx files both benefit from
> > improvements in the text layout, but also from improvements in the
> > filters. And we are happy to say that once again our .doc and .docx
> > filters have improved. For .docx we are far better than say LibreOffice
> > already, and for .doc we are getting very close to being the best out
> > there too.
> > 
> > Words itself has improved a bit in the user interface department, and our
> > focus now shift even more towards improving the user interface for the
> > third snapshot. But already now you will find that we have better
> > feedback of progress during loading. Also the page and line numbers in
> > the the status bar at the bottom of the window now serves the double
> > role of allowing you to go to a specific page.
> > 
> > As a teaser we can tell you that insertion of table of contents will be
> > in the third snapshot, and it will always be up to date (this is a first
> > in the world of word processing as far as we are a aware), so no longer
> > any need to manually remember to update it when you make changes to your
> > document. We may also have section columns in the next snapshot. These
> > teasers are more to show you that if we are looking at such advance
> > features now, it just means that the snapshot 2 we are announcing today
> > is actually quite good if we should say so ourselves.
> > 
> > There has also been some great work done in making sure that we save the
> > same odt that we load without loss of information, when obviously not
> > actively modified by the user. This is technically known as
> > round-tripping and is not complete yet, but we can for sure say we have
> > improved and our work has also pinpointed the problematic areas, so
> > expect to see further improvements moving towards snapshot 3.
> > 
> > On Saturday 11 June 2011 23:30:33 Inge Wallin wrote:
> >> As far as I know, Cyrille has tagged snapshot 2 now.  At least he
> >> updated the version to 2.3.72.
> >> 
> >> This means that the release is imminent, and it's time for me to write a
> >> new announcement.  So I'd like to get a grasp of what has happened since
> >> snapshot 1.
> >> 
> >> Could you who have created some significant change write a reply to this
> >> mail (on the ML, of course) and tell me what you did?  This is
> >> especially important if you have made user visible changes and UI
> >> improvements.
> >> 
> >> Thanks in advance
> >> 
> >>       -Inge
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