[Bugsquad] events at aKademy?

George Goldberg grundleborg at googlemail.com
Sat May 16 21:55:12 CEST 2009

2009/5/16  <zahl+kde at transbay.net>:
> What are we doing at aKademy this year? And to people who
> went last year, how well did things work? Do we have
> another bugday? Or just meet and take a photo? Well, Dario
> and I were also talking about meeting and having some kind
> of session where we talk about other things we can do with
> drkonqi in the future.

Last year not much actually happened on the Bugsquad front, apart from
the few of us who were there meeting up. Also, I remember discussing
some plans for future bug days with Lemma, but nothing very
substantial in the end.

I hope we can achieve a bit more this year :) Although I'll probably
spend most of Akademy on Telepathy stuff, I'll try and spare a day or
two for the bugsquad, so it would be really cool to make some stuff
happen. Based on the experience of last year, it's tricky getting
developers to spare time to help with triage, because there is just so
much else everyone is busy with, so perhaps we should try and work on
strategy for moving the bugsquad forward in 2009/10 - imho thats the
kind of thing that really is a lot easier when people are talking face
to face.

If there are any other ideas for what we could do, I'm almost
certainly in favour of them and will try to take part as much as
possible :)



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