[Bugsquad] Long range planning (and Seli background)

James Spahlinger james at nixeagle.org
Mon May 19 11:40:17 CEST 2008

> Yes, I think it will keep new people showing up. :)
> And we haven't been around long enough to figure out what how long
> people will actually be active triagers for. Maybe if we ask people who
> used to, we can get an idea of what to expect. So far, I think we've
> had really good retention, people who did two sets of bugs/bugday, I
> think, always come back for another. I keep meaning to draw up a
> little attendance chart... I mean, I don't think I'm making this up?
Mmm... like those stats of yours ;) No no we believe you!

> I think it reasonable to coordinate on that. Both internally, and
> with developers. I suspect that people "leading" a project are likely
> to be a junior-junior developer, and that we'd lose them eventually to
> it.
Sure, coordinate: but lets not make this the primary goal. The big bug
days is what makes this thing tick, and gets new members. We see
*large* positive results at the end of the day, that we won't see from
split up sub groups. At least at this stage.

>> This... is very useful. If we could get projects to specifically lay
>> out what they would like to see triagers do in their bugzilla space,
>> we could get more activity. Important things are, what is your policy
>> with KDE 3.5.x bugs. Do we close, or simply note that they need
>> closing? Any other specific things to their project? Having kde
>> projects that want our help lay these out somewhere would advance our
>> cause, and make it easier to branch into task forces when the project
>> grows.
> Yes, we need to go corner everyone else. :)
Thats the thing, its probably easier and less time consuming on our
part to ask the devs to post to a specific page of ours instead of bit
by bit someone asking devs. The information is in one central
location, instead of dispersed. I advise some spam^W messages to the
dev lists ;).

> So obviously policies vary more than might be expected. I suspect it
> depends on if the developers have ported to 4, and are using it
> themselves on a regular basis. If they are, they don't want to mess
> with three branches.
>> When I did triage on Konq, the worst thing was what to do with the old
>> bugs that we could not reproduce in 4.0.x but could do so in 3.5.x. I
>> did not get clarification on this issue until I had done over 50 or so
> Yes, but we know now! And we know to ask different projects. ;)

> Yeah, what would that mailing list be? kde-devel? kde-core-devel is just
> libraries, I think? Or do we just corner on irc/email all lead devs?

One of the main KDE development mailing lists. I'm sure those
moderators would not mind a little spam from us. Set up a well
designed page on techbase explaining what we would like from
developers of each project.

We can then use that information for future bug days.


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