just-play-file problem

Michal Gloc michal.gloc at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 18:18:48 UTC 2009


Great work with Amarok. It outclasses all other players for linux, sadly 
with one BIG exception - there doesn't seem to be a way to browse for 
music file and just play it. Amarok insists on adding it to playlist and 
then I have to click on the track to play it. What I would like to do is 
just browse my collection (which itself is best playlist i'll ever want) 
click song I want and listen to it. I know many people like to use 
playlist, switch between then etc, but there's also a lot of ppl that 
really dont want to use any playlists. Here's one example thread:


Please! I beg you! Add a feature that allows to use collection instead 
of playlist, or at least ability to configure "play file" instead of 
"append to playlist" on double-click. I know it may seem like a small 
thing, but the way it is it's a real inconvenience, and big enough to 
have me use Rythmbox for music, and Amarok only if I need to fill my 
ipod with music.

Best regards,

-Michal Gloc

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