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Ian Monroe ian at
Fri Sep 29 15:37:09 UTC 2006

On 9/29/06, Mark Kretschmann <markey at> wrote:
> > Kexi
> >
> > I think we should have a close look at using kexidb as our database
> > back-end. This would provide access to sqlite, mysql and postgresql
> > databases with a unified api. In addition, this should allow users to
> > migrate their database from one back-end to another.
> Interesting. But is Kexi well maintained, and is it relatively guaranteed that
> this stays so? What if Kexi development comes to a halt after we have
> switched? I'm cautious about introducing any new KDE dependencies.

I was already thinking about this in relation to litesql. Obviously we
will become highly coupled and dependent on any database abstraction
backend that we choose. But the thing is, currently we're already
maintaining our own database abstraction system with QueryBuilder,
CollectionDB etc. So if we have to maintain our own database
abstraction system (whether that be Kexi or litesql), we're really
just in the same position as we are now.

That said, Kexi has been around for a while so I'm not really worried
about that (though I am with litesql).

Ian Monroe

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