Some impressions from aKademy

Mark Kretschmann markey at
Fri Sep 29 22:56:16 UTC 2006

On Friday 29 September 2006 10:51, Mark Kretschmann wrote:
> On Friday 29 September 2006 02:49, Martin Aumueller wrote:
> > KDE 4
> >
> > The optimistic estimates seem to agree that KDE 4 will be released in
> > about 1 year. Even more time will pass until it hits most people's
> > desktops. What does this mean for us? If we start our KDE 4 port now,
> > then we won't be able to release a new version for one year. A long time
> > in Amarok's terms. Instead of going KDE 4 right now, we could do a lot of
> > refactoring (port to another database backend, database scheme
> > reorganization, separating internal data represenatation from display in
> > order to prepare for MVC, making subsystems more independent, providing
> > for better scriptability and more powerful plug-ins...) already in a KDE
> > 3-based version and starting to port when a better timeline for a KDE 4
> > release is available.
> If we are to make a 1.5 release, we could also start to remove all X11
> dependencies, in order to make the final move to KDE4 easier.

What I really meant: Remove all X11 and Posix dependencies. Of the former we 
have few, but the latter is more difficult to cope with.

That said, there is still the option to make a Qt4 version with optional KDE 
extensions. I'm mentioning this for completeness' sake.

Going this way, we might possibly:
* Achieve a port more quickly
* Make it easier to install the app on Windows

and also:
* Lose some support from the KDE community (e.g. translations) 
* Have a harder time porting some features


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