AFT, changing whole collection path

Martin Ehmke ehmke at
Mon Sep 18 22:39:01 UTC 2006


I copied my music collection to a new hard disc, which is mounted under 
another path than the old one. Now I was thinking that amarok's great 
AFT-feature should handle not loosing all infos (play counters, my personal 
ratings, etc.). However it seems that this is lost.
Should it work? Is that implemented? (if not, will it?) What could be wrong? 
Any suggestions? I have backups of all the database so I can tried it as 
often as I want... 
I also rescanned the whole collection before I switched the path to make sure, 
that this checksums (which are there probably) had been generated...

I am using version 1.4.3

Best regards
Martin Ehmke

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