Magnatune Impressions

Nikolaj Hald Nielsen nhnfreespirit at
Sat Sep 16 07:55:48 UTC 2006

Hi Seb

Thanks for the feedback!

On 9/16/06, Seb Ruiz <me at> wrote:
> Hi Nikolaj
> I've just tested out the magnatune browser, and it works pretty well,
> i gotta say.  The interface is easy to use and I haven't experienced
> any blocking. Cool.

Glad you like it. I have spent a lot of time trying to make the
interface as intuitive as possible. :-)

> But I do have some concerns:
>  - SQL queries are directly called from the magnatune browser.  This
> is a big nono, as strings aren't escaped, and you haven't taken into
> account the discrepancies with the different database backends.  The
> correct way to do this would be to add new fields to QueryBuilder and
> use a querybuilder to construct your query.

It was done this way mainly to minimize the intrusivenes because I did
not know excatly which way the project would be headded (integration
vs. plugin) Definately something I will look into.

> - I don't like that magnatune browser being shown by default.  Perhaps
> a config option to enable it.

I agree. Just need to figure out how to have it hidden by default. :-)

> - I hate that new "config" icon at the top of the browsers which lets
> you hide/show the browsers. I think it clutters the interface and
> reduces available realestate.  I think we should stick to the context
> menu.

This was is actually something that we have had a discussion about on
irc. The general consensus seemed to be, that the tab managment
feature was too hard to find and that many users do not know about it.
It was decided that I should try to add this button to see how well
that would work. But We might have to take that up for review again.

>  - We use four spaces, not tabs.

I know, I'm in the process of fixing it! As well as all the other
coding conventions that I have broken some places. :-)

>  - There is no magnatune icon!

Nope, hope I can find someone willing to make a cool one! Anyone up for it?

> Cheers,
> Seb
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