Yo, and Ian's Roadmap

Ian Monroe ian at monroe.nu
Wed Sep 13 16:08:33 UTC 2006

On 9/13/06, Jeff Mitchell <kde-dev at emailgoeshere.com> wrote:
> First off:
> Hawai'i FTW
> Second, I read Ian's proposal to shelve 1.4 after 1.4.4 and
> concentrate on 2.0 and I think it's a good idea...1.4 branch seems
> pretty stable these days (unless something's changed in the last five
> days while I've been gone...there have been 75 commits...).  Two
> suggestions, which I'd put in the wiki but I can't log into it now:
> 1) Playlists: Move to XSPF instead of outdated, sucky M3U

I think this is too 'fun' for the boring 2.0 todo. Its a todo just for
some of the core changes we should make over the next couple of
months, static playlists aren't core.

> 2) If someone has been working with KDE4 development and wants to
> write a guide for how to get set up for an Amarok 2.0 development
> environment, that'd be swell.  I remember when I dealt with KDE from
> SVN (when 3.5 was being worked on) that I had to create a separate
> user account with a separate KDE build.  I'm assuming that this would
> be required again, but if someone knows the best way to go about this,
> it'd be great to have that info available to all developers.  Gentoo
> ebuilds would be especially great...

Oh yea. I think making sure we don't loose any developers and getting
back the #amarok testers as fast as possible is one of the larger
challenges of starting 2.0 development. kdesvn-build is a big help.

> Also, I will probably end up stabbing myself in the eyeball for saying
> this, but I am volunteering to work on Amarok/Windows.  Mainly because
> I have a box with an Athlon X2 4200+ dual core proc in it, and I was
> planning on keeping it Windows-only (or Windows-mostly).  And that
> mainly because it'll make my girlfriend really happy...

I must make the obligarotory *waabeesh* *waabeesh* sounds. ;)

> Anyways, if I have to be rebuilding half of KDE every day to keep up
> with KDE4 development I may turn it into a dual-boot box anyways as
> it's quite slow to rebuild all of kde on my laptop, but otherwise
> it'll be a fast Windows box, so I can work on the Windows side of
> things as well as other more normal Linux programming...

I would seriously look into running vmware with Windows in it. Unless
your girlfriend is a gamer it would work fine, especially on such a
powerful machine. And will be nice for Amarok development as well...
I'm thinking of looking into litesql which doesn't have a Windows port
yet, I don't think there should really a rush to make sure Amarok SVN
always works on Windows (though we should get there in some months).

Ian Monroe

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