Yo, and Ian's Roadmap

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at emailgoeshere.com
Wed Sep 13 11:12:31 UTC 2006

First off:

Hawai'i FTW

Second, I read Ian's proposal to shelve 1.4 after 1.4.4 and  
concentrate on 2.0 and I think it's a good idea...1.4 branch seems  
pretty stable these days (unless something's changed in the last five  
days while I've been gone...there have been 75 commits...).  Two  
suggestions, which I'd put in the wiki but I can't log into it now:

1) Playlists: Move to XSPF instead of outdated, sucky M3U

2) If someone has been working with KDE4 development and wants to  
write a guide for how to get set up for an Amarok 2.0 development  
environment, that'd be swell.  I remember when I dealt with KDE from  
SVN (when 3.5 was being worked on) that I had to create a separate  
user account with a separate KDE build.  I'm assuming that this would  
be required again, but if someone knows the best way to go about this,  
it'd be great to have that info available to all developers.  Gentoo  
ebuilds would be especially great...

Also, I will probably end up stabbing myself in the eyeball for saying  
this, but I am volunteering to work on Amarok/Windows.  Mainly because  
I have a box with an Athlon X2 4200+ dual core proc in it, and I was  
planning on keeping it Windows-only (or Windows-mostly).  And that  
mainly because it'll make my girlfriend really happy...

Anyways, if I have to be rebuilding half of KDE every day to keep up  
with KDE4 development I may turn it into a dual-boot box anyways as  
it's quite slow to rebuild all of kde on my laptop, but otherwise  
it'll be a fast Windows box, so I can work on the Windows side of  
things as well as other more normal Linux programming...


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