How do *you* build Amarok?

Matthias Wieser mwieser at
Wed Sep 6 10:49:31 UTC 2006

Andrew Turner wrote:

> Now, these are of course the minimum versions of the software you can
> use. I happen to know that Amarok >= 1.4.3 can cope with libtunepimp
> up to 0.5.

./configure does not detect Libtunepimp 0.5. One needs to create a symlink 
from /usr/include/libtunepimp to /usr/include/libtunepimp-0.5 because 
this directory is hardwired in Amarok (Bug?).

> And, I personally have libmp4v2 1.4.1 installed (which is 
> part of mpeg4ip), so that certainly works.

I have the same version installed. Can you modify aac-tag? My amarok-svn 
has only read-only support.


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