How do *you* build Amarok?

Andrew Turner andrewturner512 at
Wed Sep 6 10:28:53 UTC 2006

Well, first up "./configure --help" is your friend. It tells you that
you don't need any flags to enable musicbrainz support (just to
disable it), and that for m4a tag editing you need --with-mp4v2.

Next up, you have a choice between the Amarok wiki : (I think. It's currently being
digged, I'm afraid)

or, the README file.

The latter tells you:
* libtunepimp 0.3
  (automatic tagging support)

* libmp4v2 (mpeg4ip 1.3 is recommended, faad2 is less reliable)
  (MP4/AAC tag reading & writing)

Please note, if compiling from source you must also install the devel versions
of these packages.

Now, these are of course the minimum versions of the software you can
use. I happen to know that Amarok >= 1.4.3 can cope with libtunepimp
up to 0.5. And, I personally have libmp4v2 1.4.1 installed (which is
part of mpeg4ip), so that certainly works.

As for how to acquire each of these libraries you need - that's wholly
dependant on your distribution. But, most binary distros will have
packages called something like


of which you need both to enable musicbrainz support (because you are
compiling Amarok yourself). If you were just going to run it, you
would only need the first of the two.


On 05/09/06, Mats Ahlgren <mats_a at> wrote:
> I managed to build Amarok from SVN awhile ago with the help of the Amarok website, but I was unable to get Musicbrainz support.
> Might anyone know if there're any compile options I need?
> Also, how does one get the libraries to build Amarok with? ./configure [etc] gives me a list of things which won't be built into Amarok, but I don't know how to go about compiling or acquiring each library.
> Also, are there any useful make options I should be aware of? For example, the one which allows m4a tag editing?
> Thank you,
> Mats
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