Rich rich at hq.vsaa.lv
Tue Sep 5 12:20:57 UTC 2006

what about storing mood files with filenames as hashes, similar to 
downloaded album covers, and with pointers in the db ?

Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> Joe--
> Some filesystems don't support commas.  I know that my parents' Windows box 
> doesn't, so I can guarantee that either FAT32 or NTFS are not comma-friendly, 
> and both are used by many users for collections.
> Obviously this isn't a huge problem at the moment, but if Amarok is ported to 
> other platforms with KDE4 this very well might become an issue.  So maybe 
> it'd be good to just use a different character from the start?
> I use ^, which works for my parents' computer, and isn't likely to be found 
> anywhere else in the filename.  But if you decide to change it you should 
> make sure that whatever you pick works for all the common filesystems (and if 
> possible, the not-so-common ones, like UFS for FreeBSD, etc. -- probably not 
> a problem since really it's Windows that can't deal with all characters).
> --Jeff

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