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Mon Sep 4 15:04:26 UTC 2006

I can definitely help with the AFT part, but if you want to try it yourself 
before you and I chat (and, since I'll be on vacation from next Thursday 
until two Tuesdays after that I won't have much time to talk until 1.4.3 is 
released) have a look at two signals emitted from CollectionDB: fileMoved and 
uniqueIdChanged.  (Note that fileMoved is overloaded; you're concerned with 
the three-argument version).

fileMoved emits (old path, new path, unique id), uniqueIdChanged emits (path, 
old unique id, new unique id).  All paths are absolute -- I guess they 
theoretically could be changed at some point to emit a device ID as well as a 
relative path, but that's down the line.  If you need to be Dynamic 
Collections-friendly, have a look at CollectionDB::aftMigrateStatisticsUrl 
for how to get the device id and relative path.

That's it -- just connect two slots to those signals and figure out how to 
use 'em.


On Monday 04 September 2006 09:42, Joe Rabinoff wrote:
> On Monday 04 September 2006 06:32, Mark Kretschmann wrote:
> > Been discussing this with Seb on IRC: At this point we might as well just
> > use trunk for the release. Cuz, by now we've piled up so many patches for
> > 1.4.3, it is almost like trunk anyway. And trunk has the added advantage
> > that it's actually somewhat tested by us (we use it), as opposed to a
> > 1.4.2 with 20 patches applied.
> There are still a few things on the moodbar todo-list, notably:
>  * Making AFT-enabled
>  * Organize collection moves / deletes .mood files too
>  * Moodbar in flat-view mode (perhaps)
>  * Don't trigger incremental scans when storing moods with music
> In addition, the newer moodbar features (moodbar in tooltip, moodbar in
> OSD, etc) haven't been terribly well-tested (though they seem to work
> well).  So I don't recommend releasing moodbar yet.  Mark suggests
> disabling the config option (hiding the moodbar config options in
> Options1.ui.h), which is fine with me.  But then there's still the issue of
> un-translated strings.  What do you all think?  I'll be happy to do what's
> most convenient, although I'm out of town lately so I only have limited
> online time per day.
> Joe
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