IPod Shuffle

Denny Schierz linuxmail at 4lin.net
Wed Nov 22 18:15:53 UTC 2006


Art Alexion schrieb:

> I have a 512 shuffle myself.  I haven't had any problem since an early 1.3.x 
> version of amarok that created an error whenever it overfilled the stick.  
> Are you using 1.4.x?  This shouldn't be a problem.  Now, it should just stop 
> on tune that is too big and report that the shuffle is full.

that is it. Amarok (1.4.4) gives many many errors and i expect, if the
stick is full, Amarok can't write the DB entries correct. Cause, the
stick was full, but i was only able to play three or four files. The
rest was not usable.

The perfect way would be, to create a dynamic playlist with max (play)
size 'n', but, that is a wish :-)

cu denny

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