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Art Alexion art.alexion at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 13:26:06 UTC 2006

On Sunday 19 November 2006 04:31, Denny Schierz wrote:
> hi,
> Art Alexion schrieb:
> > You can skip a step by right clicking your defined playlist and selecting
> > "add to media player".
> It is hard to fill the playlist until 500MB, not more. Otherwhise Amarok
>  can't write the DB correct on the shuffle, cause i put too much on the
> stick.

I have a 512 shuffle myself.  I haven't had any problem since an early 1.3.x 
version of amarok that created an error whenever it overfilled the stick.  
Are you using 1.4.x?  This shouldn't be a problem.  Now, it should just stop 
on tune that is too big and report that the shuffle is full.

Also, before transferring, you can delete tunes to be transferred until you 
get the right size.

Another thing I notice, though, is that the free space projection at the 
bottom of the media player panel is often conservative.  It may say I have 50 
MB left, and after I transfer, I find that I have 60 MB.  This may be a 
problem with the one-click thing you desire, but I like the fact that it is 
conservative in its estimate.  I always find that I fit one more than it 
originally estimates.

Art Alexion

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