ripping 'n' burning

Dan Meltzer hydrogen at
Wed Nov 15 14:23:42 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 6:47 am, Alf Lervag wrote:
> On 11/15/06, Rich <rich at> wrote:
> > cover printing probably better belongs in the ripping application (k3b
> > in this case).
> I dissagree. My playlists are stored in Amarok, not k3b.  I don't want
> to create a new CD in k3b just to be able to print a new cover to one
> of my burned CDs.
> > i missed simple cover generator (just a tracklist with times + total),
> > so i created a crude script to get that information from .k3b files :)
> I've created a crude script to parse an m3u playlist, read metadata
> from the files listed in the playlist and creating a cddbread.1 file
> that can be printed with disc-cover.  It works, but to be honest, I
> much prefer the way I do it in iTunes: Select playlist.  File->Print.
> Choose layout.  Select printer.  Press print.

Holy feature-bloat batman.

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