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Wed Nov 15 13:58:27 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 04:31, Rich wrote:
> Alf Lervag wrote:
> > On 11/7/06, Gianluca <schumissimo1 at> wrote:
> >> i know there's a feature of amarok that can burn on a cd the music
> >> from the collection... this is a great thing.
> >> but a think it will be a very good thing if amarok can rip the
> >> cd...the others rippers are VERY boring to use.... an integraten
> >> interface will be very smart....
> >
> > Another thing that would be nice is some way to print playlists.  For
> > instance if you want a cover for the CD you just burned for your road
> > trip...
> cover printing probably better belongs in the ripping application (k3b
> in this case).
> i missed simple cover generator (just a tracklist with times + total),
> so i created a crude script to get that information from .k3b files :)

Try KoverArtist.  Grabs tracks from cddb and CD-Text (the latter being 
extremely handy for non-commercial CDs).

I'd like playlist printing anyway as it would be handy for things like 
playlists I put on my iPod shuffle or just to share a playlist with a friend.

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