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Hi all,

2006/11/12, Sven Krohlas <sven at>:
> Hi,
> as the discussion seems to have calmed down I will try to summarize
> and add comments to it so that we can start to work on those things.
> If someone wants to take responsibility for an item just do it. :)
> ==Promotional stuff==
> ===attend at more expos===
> *give talks there:
> **for experienced users wanting to write code or scripts
> **for end users that only want to use Amarok
> *have a booth: The Problem there: you need at least three people
> *one expo I'd like to attend: LinuxTag 2007 (the largest one about Linux
> and
>    Open Source in Europe) in Germany -> (sven423)

I'll be attending FOSDEM 2007 February 27-28 in Brussels, Belgium. My
girlfriend helping with the organisation of the KDE presence and
accommodation. I would like to hand out Amarok Live cd's there. This
shouldn't be to hard for Germans to attend, and I can personally guaranty
your accommodation is taken care of.

===try to bring Amarok Live to the average Windows user===
> *Amarok Live is a top priority for roKymotion atm
> *get it on CDs delivered with PC magazines
> **"see what you can get with the upcoming KDE port to Windows"
> *spread it at expos and similar events
> ===cooperate with artists===
> *maybe spreading Amarok Live with their music
> *What does it offer the artist?
> *search for bands on MySpace
> *maybe the same for labels?
> article===
> *publish an article on and present *all* that can be done with
> Amarok
>     when it comes to integration

Is this something individual users of can do?

===create promotion/turorial videos (sven423/gnux)===
> *so it's easier for Windows users to have a look at Amarok than
> downloading
>    Amarok Live
> *should be available in open (ogg/theora) and sadly also in proprietary
>     formats (flash), as many people use them. also on youtube?
> *we are meeting today to record them (with English and German UI)
> *we need help for:
> *video cutting (hurra)
> *native speaker for the english versions

Maybe we can get other localised versions to. Will need a screencast
creation how to and "must include in video" list.

===more screenshots===
> *currently there are only two ones of the 1.4 series on ako (sven423)
> ===website design===
> *Maybe drupal or wikimedia or something
> ===publications===
> *feature comparison (Samuel Baldwin)
> *Amarok Weelky News? (Ljubomir Simin)

Suggestion, don't name it weekly, monthly or something regular like that, we
all now that's a promise that's impossible to keep. I suggest: "The Amarok
Digest" or "Tales from the world of Amarok" or something unconventional and
funny like that.

> *maybe also more stuff like:
>    with beautiful screenshots (-> merge with Amarok Weekly News?)
> *Amarok Virtual Appliance for to use on VMware products, probably the
> free-of-cost
>     VMware Player

This is a great idea, it's a shortcut to Amarok on windows before 2.0.

> ===stability===
> *Windows players are said to be really stable
> *Amarok still has problems in that area
> *maybe we should focus on critical and crash bugs for one release?

Stability and speed release ++. But I feel guilty that I can probably not
help much with that, free time is a scarce commodity.

> *look for useful features in other players
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