summary of roKymotion ideas

Sven Krohlas sven at
Sun Nov 12 14:52:02 UTC 2006


as the discussion seems to have calmed down I will try to summarize
and add comments to it so that we can start to work on those things.

If someone wants to take responsibility for an item just do it. :)

==Promotional stuff==

===attend at more expos===
*give talks there:
**for experienced users wanting to write code or scripts
**for end users that only want to use Amarok
*have a booth: The Problem there: you need at least three people
*one expo I'd like to attend: LinuxTag 2007 (the largest one about Linux and
   Open Source in Europe) in Germany -> (sven423)

===try to bring Amarok Live to the average Windows user===
*Amarok Live is a top priority for roKymotion atm
*get it on CDs delivered with PC magazines
**"see what you can get with the upcoming KDE port to Windows"
*spread it at expos and similar events

===cooperate with artists===
*maybe spreading Amarok Live with their music
*What does it offer the artist?
*search for bands on MySpace
*maybe the same for labels? article===
*publish an article on and present *all* that can be done with Amarok
    when it comes to integration

===create promotion/turorial videos (sven423/gnux)===
*so it's easier for Windows users to have a look at Amarok than downloading
   Amarok Live
*should be available in open (ogg/theora) and sadly also in proprietary
    formats (flash), as many people use them. also on youtube?
*we are meeting today to record them (with English and German UI)
*we need help for:
*video cutting (hurra)
*native speaker for the english versions

===more screenshots===
*currently there are only two ones of the 1.4 series on ako (sven423)

===website design===
*Maybe drupal or wikimedia or something

*feature comparison (Samuel Baldwin)
*Amarok Weelky News? (Ljubomir Simin)

*maybe also more stuff like:'s_New_in_1.4
   with beautiful screenshots (-> merge with Amarok Weekly News?)
*Amarok Virtual Appliance for to use on VMware products, probably the free-of-cost
    VMware Player

*Windows players are said to be really stable
*Amarok still has problems in that area
*maybe we should focus on critical and crash bugs for one release?

*look for useful features in other players

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