summary of roKymotion ideas

Sven Krohlas sven at
Mon Nov 13 23:44:04 UTC 2006


> I'll be attending FOSDEM 2007 February 27-28 in Brussels, Belgium. My 
> girlfriend helping with the organisation of the KDE presence and 
> accommodation. I would like to hand out Amarok Live cd's there. This 
> shouldn't be to hard for Germans to attend, and I can personally 
> guaranty your accommodation is taken care of.

I'm interested in helping there but it will be hardly possible. During
that timeframe I have five tests in five weeks. :(
Nevertheless I added that event to my calendar, try to start learning
early and maybe, maybe with much luck I can attend.

> <> article===
>     *publish an article on <> and present *all*
>     that can be done with Amarok
>         when it comes to <> integration
> Is this something individual users of <> can do?

They could write the article, yes.

>     ===create promotion/turorial videos (sven423/gnux)===
>     *so it's easier for Windows users to have a look at Amarok than
>     downloading
>        Amarok Live
>     *should be available in open (ogg/theora) and sadly also in proprietary
>         formats (flash), as many people use them. also on youtube?
>     *we are meeting today to record them (with English and German UI)
>     *we need help for:
>     *video cutting (hurra)
>     *native speaker for the english versions 
> Maybe we can get other localised versions to. Will need a screencast 
> creation how to and "must include in video" list.

Our current plan:
*we have recorded three videos
*we still need an english native speaker for the audio part (I would
also give them some notes about what to say)
*gnux will write the manual for creating such videos when he has time
(could still take some days)
*if the feedback is positive we will record a few more of them and
will also create German versions

Good night :-)

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