[PATCH] yauap engine

Ian Monroe ian at monroe.nu
Thu Nov 9 04:29:56 UTC 2006

On 11/8/06, Sascha Sommer <ssommer at suse.de> wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 November 2006 00:08, Ian Monroe wrote:
> Please  try the attached patch. I added a workaround.

I tried with the new patch and it now no longer loads. This is like
what it was doing before I started launching amarokapp with
dbus-launch. But I still am using dbus-launch, and doing so does get
the CLI client to work fine (without dbus-launch it doesn't work).

Ian Monroe

amarok: END__: void EngineSubject::stateChangedNotify(Engine::State) -
Took 0.037s
amarok: BEGIN: EngineBase* EngineController::loadEngine(const QString&)
amarok:       [PluginManager] Plugin trader constraint:
[X-KDE-Amarok-framework-version] == 27 and [X-KDE-Amarok-plugintype]
== 'engine' and [X-KDE-Amarok-name] != 'yauap-engine' and
[X-KDE-Amarok-rank] > 0
amarok:       [PluginManager] Plugin trader constraint:
[X-KDE-Amarok-framework-version] == 27 and [X-KDE-Amarok-plugintype]
== 'engine' and [X-KDE-Amarok-name] == 'yauap-engine' and
[X-KDE-Amarok-rank] > 0
amarok:       [PluginManager] Trying to load: libamarok_yauap-engine_plugin
amarok:       PluginManager Service Info:
amarok:       ---------------------------
amarok:       name                          : yauap engine
amarok:       library                       : libamarok_yauap-engine_plugin
amarok:       desktopEntryPath              : amarok_yauap-engine_plugin.desktop
amarok:       X-KDE-Amarok-plugintype       : engine
amarok:       X-KDE-Amarok-name             : yauap-engine
amarok:       X-KDE-Amarok-authors          : (Sascha Sommer)
amarok:       X-KDE-Amarok-rank             : 1
amarok:       X-KDE-Amarok-version          : 1
amarok:       X-KDE-Amarok-framework-version: 27
amarok:       In init
amarok:        connecting to dbus
amarok:       close DBusConnection
amarok:       calling dbus connection close
amarok:       DBusConnection closed
amarok:        connected
amarok:       timed out waiting for yauap
amarok:       [controller] [WARNING!] Could not init() an engine
amarok:       [PluginManager] Trying to load: libamarok_xine-engine

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