ATF and moving between different shares

Andreas Heinz andi at
Wed Nov 8 12:53:35 UTC 2006

Rich wrote:
> Andreas Heinz wrote:
>> hi again,
>> rescan didn't work regarding the stats. amarok now has some stats but 
>> not all. having a look at the db it seems amarok shows the stats related 
>> to the deviceid which "storage" represents and ignores all stats which 
>> where on /mp3s and now are in storage.
>> i dont have clue if it makes sense or is a good idea to do a massupdate 
>> in my mysql db and change all "mp3"id stats to "storage"id.
>> what do you think?
> well, as i wrote before, it seems that uid update during collection scan 
> is broken, so that might be the reason for the behaviour you see.
> so you could wait until this problem is resolved.
> alternatively, you could manually change the db, but make sure to have 
> double backups and double check everything after the change - would be 
> bad to find out that it has not worked a month later :)

what would manually changing the db involve? only updating the deviceid 
entry in stats or is it necessary to update the path also?
can you estimate when the next version will be available? i dont want to 
use svn again, since this gave me more problems ;)

>> by the way, there dont seem to be error messages in std out. so amarok 
>> thinks its behavior is correct ...
> do you have it compiled with debugging enabled ?

afaik yes.

>> Andreas
> ...

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