ATF and moving between different shares

Rich rich at
Wed Nov 8 14:33:52 UTC 2006

Andreas Heinz wrote:
>> alternatively, you could manually change the db, but make sure to have 
>> double backups and double check everything after the change - would be 
>> bad to find out that it has not worked a month later :)
> what would manually changing the db involve? only updating the deviceid 
> entry in stats or is it necessary to update the path also?

i'm afraid that i could be giving you wrong information, so i will leave 
this for somebody more experienced to answer.
changing a device path only probably would involve single change, but if 
path changes, too, that might be more complicated.

> can you estimate when the next version will be available? i dont want to 
> use svn again, since this gave me more problems ;)

well, actually svn currently has aft broken, too, so no use to compile it ;)
maybe you can try some temporary workarounds with symlinks (but be 
carefol not to introduce songs twice into the db :) )
>>> by the way, there dont seem to be error messages in std out. so amarok 
>>> thinks its behavior is correct ...
>> do you have it compiled with debugging enabled ?
> afaik yes.

then you should be getting quite verbose output in the console, 
especially when rescanning the collection.

>>> Andreas

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