support for user-definable labels

Angus Prune angusprune at
Tue Nov 7 14:36:17 UTC 2006

On 07/11/06, Greg Meyer <greg at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 November 2006 7:31 am, Angus Prune wrote:
> > What do people think of this idea? What aspects of it are already
> > implemented? How feasible is the rest of it?
> My opinion is that this is way overkill, and that it is also quite hard to
> implement.  You are suggesting, if I understand correctly, that the program
> should track a different score for each label.
> I think this means that I would have to tell the program what label
> corresponds to the mood I am in each listening session and then manually
> select songs I like during that mood session so that some scores develop
> (maybe do it randomly for a while so that songs not appropriate for that mood
> get low scores.  In my opinion, this is way too much work for the listener.
> With 5,000 tracks, it would take me years to develop the stats to do this
> well.

I see it working in a similar way, although I see it taking less user
effort than tagging up your music manually.  If a track has never been
played under a certain label it will have a score of 0 for that label.
 Perhaps my concept of tracking inappropriate labels is taking it a
step too far, however that is where I see the process ultimately

The problem I see with the score at the moment, is that if I have my
whole collection on shuffle I end up skipping lots of tracks I like
but aren't in the mood for.  This adversely affects the track's score,
although clearly this matters less with a more mature library and

I effectively see it as a way for Amarok to label the tracks
automatically based on how you listen to them rather than the user
having to do it manually.

It seems that it should be possible to generate different scores
depending on the mood or circumstances that I am using Amarok.

Perhaps my idea shouldn't be applied to labels, but to a new concept
called moods, of which a person might have half a dozen or so. (happy,
sad, party, mellow etc etc)  although I feel this is needlessly
complicating things.

Sorry if anything isn't clear,  I'm at work so can't devote the time
I'd like to replying

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