ATF and moving between different shares

Andreas Heinz andi at
Tue Nov 7 07:59:10 UTC 2006

Hi Jeff,

then... i don't know. I dumped my backup from my old server into the new 
amarok db. configured amarok to use the new location /storage/mp3s/ and 
reentered db information. after that amarok could connect to db and told 
me that i would have to listen to "a few of my songs" to get stats.
this is why i asked if i have to do a rescan of the collection.

i even tried to trigger amarok via dcop to scan for collection changes. 
that didnt work either.
i think amarok just didnt realise that the position of mp3s changed.

any ideas?

Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> On Monday 06 November 2006 15:03, Andreas Heinz wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> is just tried to get my mp3s into amarok again and encountered a problem:
>> before my last upgrade of my ubuntu server i had two shares:
>> /storage and /mp3s.
>> now /mp3s is in /storage/mp3s. now i dont know if amarok atf feature
>> only gets them when they are moved within one and the same share and not
>> between two shares. s this possible? or should i rescan my collection
>> and amarok will recognize the unique ids within the db?
> Andreas--
> This should work fine.  As long as you didn't change tags on files as well, it 
> should pick things up at the new location.
> You should save your database beforehand just in case, however :-)  That way 
> if something doesn't work, I can try to help you debug it until it does work 
> right.
> Please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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