ATF and moving between different shares

Rich rich at
Tue Nov 7 08:13:33 UTC 2006

Andreas Heinz wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> then... i don't know. I dumped my backup from my old server into the new 
> amarok db. configured amarok to use the new location /storage/mp3s/ and 
> reentered db information. after that amarok could connect to db and told 
> me that i would have to listen to "a few of my songs" to get stats.
> this is why i asked if i have to do a rescan of the collection.

yes, you have in this case.
basically, dynamic collection should pick up changes like server share 
mounted in another place (given that server name/ip and share path has 
not changed) without a collection rescan, aft should pick up files moved 
in some other ways, given that file itself (including tags) has not been 
changed at the same time.

> i even tried to trigger amarok via dcop to scan for collection changes. 
> that didnt work either.

i think that should have worked, but try "tools->rescan collection". 
maybe some mtimes were not updated or who knows...

> i think amarok just didnt realise that the position of mp3s changed.
> any ideas?
> bye
> Andreas

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