Review Request: Add reading/writing of UIDs (MusicBrainz & AFT) for MPC and MP4 files. Also support of this formats for AFTTagger.

Sergey Ivanov 123kash at
Mon Oct 18 20:09:47 CEST 2010

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Review request for Amarok.


Add code for reading/writing MusicBrainz and AFT (used as default if no uid_owner specified) UIDs from/to MPC and MP4 files.
Add support of MPC and MP4 formats for AFTTagger utility.
Also add "uid_owner" and "uid" constants to Meta::Fields::ID namespace.


  src/core-impl/collections/sqlcollection/SqlMeta.cpp 97969be 
  src/core-impl/meta/file/File.cpp b807cba 
  src/core-impl/meta/file/TagLibUtils.cpp ad1a07e 
  src/core/meta/support/MetaConstants.h 40cad34 
  src/dialogs/TagDialog.cpp 4a0e94f 
  src/musicbrainz/MusicBrainzFinder.cpp f65e25d 
  src/musicbrainz/MusicBrainzMetaClasses.h b9f7d0c 
  utilities/afttagger/AFTTagger.h 8921875 
  utilities/afttagger/AFTTagger.cpp 2aa9aef 
  utilities/collectionscanner/AFTUtility.cpp fde3bfa 



Tried on couple of MPC files, UIDs write correct. AFTTagger not tested at all, didn't find a way to make it well.



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