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it's so damn hot here that i end up writing nonsense:

 I'll try to reply Sebr's question: why zooming and not scrolling?

better this way :P

2008/6/26 William Viana <vianasw at gmail.com>:
> Sorry for not replying before. I'll try to ask Sebr question: why
> zooming and not scrolling?
> The whole point of the multiple containments is that users can have
> related information grouped together (like all lastfm information in
> one containment, information about related and favorite songs in
> another, or in whatever custom way the user wants). IMHO he problem
> with scrolling is that when you find yourself with many contextual
> information in the CV and if you want to find the information you are
> interested in at a current moment scrolling is slow and also it would
> be a little difficult if you want to return to the exact place you
> were before. With zooming this can be done faster and seems like we
> are good at mapping where we are in a current moment.
> We could also have another way of navigate the CV without zooming,
> like making an arrow appear in a side of the CV that when clicked
> change to the next containment (just a suggestion).
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>    -William-
> 2008/6/25 Seb Ruiz <ruiz at kde.org>:
>> 2008/6/25 William Viana Soares <vianasw at gmail.com>:
>>> SVN commit 824011 by wviana:
>>> Multiple containments added to the CV.
>>> Zooming enabled ( ctrl + wheel ).
>> I'm not sure that zooming the containment is a feature which is
>> particularly appropriate for the context view. Why should a user want
>> to zoom? If they have too many applets then they should need to scroll
>> or we need to create better applets.
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