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Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at kde.org
Mon Feb 14 18:51:02 CET 2011

On Monday 14 February 2011 16:18:39 Andreas v. Heydwolff wrote:
> Hello Riccardo, hi all,
> good to hear you are emerging from the exams. I'm resending here a few
> lines that I had sent via the feedback button in akunambol two weeks
> ago, perhaps it got lost or never left my machine. Here goes:

you actually succeded to send the feedback, the fault was mine. Actually, I 
finished reading it just today, and then noticed this mail. Thanks for not 
letting this thing go into the oblivion. :)

Now, into the problem:

> Thanks again for akunambol, for me a very useful, fine tool. Following
> up on my previous brief exchange with you, Riccardo, let me say that
> between an iPhone with an Apple funambol client and kaddressbook with
> akunambol 0.2.2 unnecessary backslashes get introduced.
> Scenario:
> - I started with an emptied kaddressbook (kab) because of too much cruft
> in it.
> - Exported my proper addresses from iPhone (iph) to kab
> - changed Display of an entry to "Reverse Name with Comma"
> - sync kab with akunambol (aku)
> - sync iph

What do you use to sync the iPhone? Funambol's client?
Could you eventually try to use the same procedure with another device/syncing 
client (even e.g. syncevolution) so that we are sure of what piece of code is 
responsible for this?

> - Observation: displayed name on iph is ok
> - changed something in notes field of contact
> - sync iph
> - sync kab/aku
> - Observation: FN has <LastName>\\\, <FirstName>
> - change in notes field in kab and saving again reduces no. of \ from 3
> to 1, i.e., \\\ becomes \
> - sync kab/aku. sync iph
> - now on iph there is a new \n Line break visible in the notes field

Up to here it's very clear, thanks.

> - added new line with word to notes field on iph

What do you mean exactly with the above line?

> - sync iph
> - sync kab/aku
> - FN has again three \\\, and the former linebreak now has \\\n with one
> \ visible in the displayed entry, the new linebreak from iph displays
> correctly.
> I'm not sure where the bug is, in akunambol, in funambol or in the
> iphone client, but perhaps you have an idea or a fix can be created? I
> wonder whether this happens also with other mobile devices? My iPhone is
> a 3GS with 4.1 on it, jailbroken. Backslashes, however, seem to get
> introduced with other sync clients to as far as I can tell from
> searching the internet. Is this due to funambol, or did you start off
> with another Open Source sync client's code and it is a regression?

Ok, first off, *thanks a lot* for the very detailed report, and for getting in 
touch with us. These things are IMMENSELY useful to ensure these things work.

Now, to answer you, I'm still using funambol's SDK to perform the 
syncronization. This is a tricky bug, so we first need to isolate it. Let me 
know the few informations that I asked you above, and we can see how to 
proceed from there. :)

Again, thanks a lot!

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