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Inge Wallin inge at lysator.liu.se
Wed May 2 20:03:03 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, May 02, 2012 15:48:06 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> > Regarding the e-book reader, why not reuse Calligra Words, possibly with
> > a special UI, and create an e-book import filter? That should be the
> > fastest way to the goal. (Sorry if this is already discussed, I'm new to
> > the list.)
> Hi Inge,
> thanks for joining us.
> As Bogdan said, Okular seemed to be the more fitting backend to us since
> it's specialized on PDF and ebook reading and does the job quite well on
> the Desktop. Does Calligra Words have advantages over Okular for PDF as
> backend for PDF and ebook reading?

I would never propose it for PDF reading. Poppler and the rest of the Okular 
libraries is probably perfect for that.

 To be honest, I'm not that familiar with the internals of ebook readers but 
there is one thing that struck me when I read about the epub format: It's 
intended to be relayouted on the fly for different screen sizes or 
orientations (landscape / portrait). 

The Calligra office engine can do that quite efficiently on even thousand 
pages long documents but I don't know if the Okular engine can do it. My 
impression was that okular is mostly for fixed formats where the page is fixed 
as is is and cannot change.  But that impression could be wrong of course.

> Regards,
> Thomas
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