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Thu Mar 8 15:50:21 UTC 2012

I don't want to do anything like that.

Like other activity stuff, this is only to allow applications to store activity-related stuff in a standard place, not to store all settings in all activities.

So, .kde is untouched, and the new stuff is used only in applications that do want to use it.

CheerioOn 8.3.12. 16.26 Lamarque V. Souza wrote:
Em Thursday 08 March 2012, Ivan Cukic escreveu:
> Hi,
> There's something I've been thinking about for some time now. (it is and
> isn't related to private activities - but the private activities were the
> reason I started thinking about it)
> It is about the ~/Activities directory.
> There are a couple of use-cases for applications to have different settings
> for different activities. This becomes even more important with the private
> activities in mind.

	I agree.
> Some possible examples - used plasma widgets, stuff written in the notes
> plasmoid, emails, contacts etc. (it would be awesome also if nepomuk could
> separate its database into different files, but ...)
> The idea is the following:
> Create activity directories in ~/Activities/.data as they are currently,
> but create subfolders as well:
> ~/Activities/.data/ACTIVITY_UUID/
>    .apps      // analogous to .kde/share/apps
>    .config  // analogous to .kde/share/config
>    .user         // for the user files - this gets linked to
>                                      ~/Activities/Activity_Name
> Thoughts?

	Some concerns:

	I think for applications that use KUniqueApplication they will always use .apps and .config of the first launched instance.

	How would that work exactly? Do you plan to use something like "copy on write" to prevent the user from configuring each application for each activity? Even "copy on write" would not be ideal. Imagine you configured kmail-touch in one activity with your personal e-mail, etc, then you want to use it in another activity with your work e-mail, but also want to read the personal e-mails. You would have to repeat all the configuration for the personal e-mail and, worse, the e-mails would be duplicated since they are stored in ~/.kde/share/apps (as far as I know). Other data from .kde/share/apps may end up duplicated as well.

Lamarque V. Souza

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