Fwd: Unlocking for Plasma Active 2

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at autistici.org
Sun Oct 9 09:58:53 UTC 2011

On Sunday 09 October 2011 11:17:13 Ivan Čukić wrote:
> > Unless the whole disk is encrypted, if someone steals your device, he
> > will get your data anyways. So unless we do encryption, the only
> > purpose of the lock
> Don't get me wrong, I didn't post this because I think it is bad to
> provide a lockscreen like this, just to point out that it shouldn't
> take too much time for us to:
> - devise a secure solution, since it can't be done
> - having PAM integration as a prerequisite

Well, okay, that's true.
Since I've just started on my graduation in the field of Usable Security, I'll 
be reading a lot about the subject from now on (there are already tons of 
articles available on the usability and security of mobile different systems, 
inlcuding graphical ones), so I'll be glad to contribute here :)
Maybe I can even get a student project for PA going, we'll see.

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