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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Amarok Amarok Mailing List
Amarok-bugs-dist [no description available]
Bugsquad Discussion list for KDE Bugsquad - bug testers and triagers
Calligra-author Development list for the Calligra Author project
calligra-devel Calligra Suite developers and users mailing list
Cantor-bugs [no description available]
Choqok-devel [no description available]
Consulting KDE e.V. Trusted IT Consulting mailing list
CuteHMI CuteHMI mailing list
Digikam-devel digiKam developers room - digiKam - Manage your photographs as a professional with the power of open source
Digikam-users digiKam - Home Manage your photographs as a professional with the power of open source
Distributions A list for collaboration between KDE and distributions shipping our software
Elisa Elisa Music Player coordination mailing list
Enterprise Discussion Group for Sysadmins of KDE Deployments
Falkon Falkon browser mailing list
GCompris-devel GCompris developers list
Gwenview-devel Discussions about Gwenview development
Heaptrack [no description available]
k3b for developers and other contributors interested in K3B
Kalzium [no description available]
kde General KDE discussion
kde-accessibility For information and discussion about KDE accessibility
KDE-Android [no description available]
kde-announce moderated list for KDE related announcements
Kde-announce-apps KDE Application announcements
kde-artists For artists and those interested in artwork in KDE
Kde-at [no description available]
Kde-bindings KDE bindings for other programming languages
Kde-br Lista para a comunidade KDE no Brasil
kde-bugs-dist mail
Kde-buildsystem KDE build system (cmake)
kde-china kde-china
kde-commits Notification of KDE commits
kde-community informing about and discussing non-technical community topics
kde-core-devel KDE Core Development
kde-de deutschsprachige KDE-Benutzer
kde-devel For discussion of all KDE-related development issues
Kde-devel-es Spanish KDE development list . Lista de desarrollo de KDE en espa�ol
kde-doc-english For people writing documentation for KDE
Kde-eco-announce [announcements] Learn about KDE Eco events
Kde-eco-discuss [Discussion] Exchange ideas about sustainable software
kde-edu For discussion of KDE Edutainment educational and entertainment software
Kde-edu-pt_br Lista para a comunidade KDE Edu em Portugues
Kde-el [no description available]
kde-embedded For those using KDE on embedded systems
Kde-ev-free-qt-wg internal discussion of the Free Qt Working Group
Kde-events-in A mailing list to organise and discuss KDE conference in India.
Kde-finance-apps [no description available]
Kde-frameworks-devel [no description available]
kde-francophone Traduction en Francais de KDE
kde-freebsd [no description available]
kde-games-bugs [no description available]
kde-games-devel KDE games development
Kde-gardening KDE Gardening
kde-i18n-ca KDE Catalan translation team
kde-i18n-cs KDE Czech translation team
kde-i18n-de german translators
kde-i18n-doc KDE i18n-doc
kde-i18n-el KDE Greek translation
Kde-i18n-eo KDE-internationalization mailing list for the Esperanto team
Kde-i18n-eu KDE Basque translation team
Kde-i18n-fa KDE Persian l10n and l18n team
Kde-i18n-it KDE Italian translation
kde-i18n-lt KDE vertėjų pašto sąrašas
Kde-i18n-nl Lokalisatie en promotie van KDE in de Nederlandse taal
kde-i18n-pt KDE's localization to European Portuguese
kde-i18n-pt_BR Tradução do KDE para o Português do Brasil
kde-i18n-ro [no description available]
Kde-i18n-sq Albanian translation team
Kde-i18n-sr KDE translation into Serbian
Kde-i18n-uk Ukrainian KDE translators list
KDE-india KDE in India
KDE-Italia KDE Italia
Kde-jp [no description available]
Kde-kr List for KDE and KDE localization in Korea
Kde-l10n-ar [no description available]
Kde-l10n-en_gb British English localization
Kde-l10n-es KDE-ES KDE Spanish translation
Kde-l10n-fi [no description available]
Kde-l10n-he Hebrew translation for KDE - תרגום לעברית
Kde-l10n-hi A mailing list for KDE's Hindi translation team
Kde-l10n-hu [no description available]
Kde-l10n-ia Traductiones de KDE in Interlingua
Kde-l10n-in [no description available]
Kde-l10n-kn KDE Localization to Kannada(kn) language
Kde-l10n-my [no description available]
Kde-l10n-si Localization issues and events related to Sri Lanka
Kde-l10n-sw KDE Localization to Swahili(sw) language
Kde-l10n-ta KDE Tamil translation team
kde-l10n-tr KDE Localization to Turkish (tr) language
Kde-l10n-vi KDE-l10n-vi mailing list
Kde-latam [no description available]
kde-linux For people using KDE on Linux with related questions/problems
KDE-Look KDE Look
kde-mac KDE Software on macOS
kde-mexico KDE Mexico Mailing List
kde-multimedia For discussion of multimedia (sound/video) issues under KDE
kde-nonlinux For questions about KDE running on non-Linux operating systems.
Kde-partnership [no description available]
kde-pim KDE PIM
Kde-print-devel Forum of KDE printing developers
kde-promo KDE Promo
Kde-scm-interest [no description available]
Kde-soc KDE GSoC, SoK, GCi
Kde-soc-management [no description available]
Kde-speech [no description available]
KDE-Telepathy KDE Telepathy
Kde-telepathy-bugs [no description available]
kde-usa Discussion and organization of USA-related activities within KDE
Kde-utils-devel KDE Utilities development
Kde-windows KDE on Windows
kde-women KDE Women project
kde-www kde-www
KDEConnect [no description available]
Kdelibs-bugs kdelibs bug reports
kdenlive Discussions about Kdenlive video editor
Kdepim-bugs KDE PIM bug list
kdepim-users For discussion about KDE PIM applications
KDevelop [no description available]
KDevelop-devel KDevelop Developer Mailinglist
Kexi For discussion about KEXI
Kexi-bugs Kexi bug reports
Kexi-devel For developers' discussion about KEXI
kfm-devel [no description available]
KGeoTag KGeoTag users and developers mailing list
KGet [no description available]
kimageshop Krita's developers and users mailing list
Kirigami Development of applications using the Kirigami framework
KMyMoney KMyMoney Users' mailing list
KMyMoney-devel For KMyMoney development
Kompare-devel [no description available]
konsole-devel Konsole development discussion
Konversation-devel Konversation development mailing list
kopete-devel Kopete, the KDE instant messenger
KPhotoAlbum KPhotoAlbum mailing list
Ksecretservice-devel People working on ksecretservice
Kst [no description available]
Kstars-devel KStars Development Mailing List
Ktechlab-devel [no description available]
kwin Kwin, NET API, kwin styles API, kwin modules API
KWrite-Devel Kate/KWrite Mailing List
KXStitch Cross stitch application
Lakademy-attendees [no description available]
Marble Marble mailing list for users
Marble-bugs Marble Bug list
Marble-commits [no description available]
Marble-devel Developer mailing list for the Marble Project
Massif-visualizer Massif Visualizer discussion and development list
neon Discussion of the KDE neon project
neon-bugs [no description available]
Neon-commits [no description available]
neon-notifications [no description available]
Okular-devel Okular development
Plasma-bugs [no description available]
Plasma-devel [no description available]
Plasma-mobile Plasma Mobile shell and applications
QmlWeb [no description available]
Qtcon-attendees [no description available]
release-team KDE release coordination
rkward-devel Primary mailing list for RKWard development
rkward-tracker [no description available]
rkward-users Mailing list targetted at RKWard users
Rolisteam Let's talk about Rolisteam, a virtual tabletop software.
Snorenotify [no description available]
Stopmotion KDE stopmotion application (in incubation)
SymbolEditor QPainterPath symbol library creator
Sysadmin [no description available]
taglib-devel [no description available]
tellico-users [no description available]
Trojita [no description available]
umbrello Umbrello user list
umbrello-devel Umbrello development list
Unassigned-bugs [no description available]
Visual-design [no description available]
WebKit-devel [no description available]
WikiToLearn WikiToLearn Development
Zanshin-devel [no description available]

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