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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Amarok Amarok Mailing List
Amarok-bugs-dist [no description available]
Bugsquad Discussion list for KDE Bugsquad - bug testers and triagers
Calligra-author Development list for the Calligra Author project
calligra-devel Calligra Suite developers and users mailing list
Cantor-bugs [no description available]
Choqok-devel [no description available]
Cki-attendees [no description available]
Consulting KDE e.V. Trusted IT Consulting mailing list
CuteHMI CuteHMI mailing list
Digikam-devel digiKam developers room - digiKam - Manage your photographs as a professional with the power of open source
Digikam-users digiKam - Home Manage your photographs as a professional with the power of open source
Distributions A list for collaboration between KDE and distributions shipping our software
Elisa Elisa Music Player coordination mailing list
Energy-efficiency FOSS Energy Efficiency Project
Enterprise Discussion Group for Sysadmins of KDE Deployments
Falkon Falkon browser mailing list
GCompris-devel GCompris developers list
Gcompris-espanol [no description available]
Gcompris-portugues GCompris em Portugus
Gwenview-devel Discussions about Gwenview development
Heaptrack [no description available]
k3b for developers and other contributors interested in K3B
Kalzium [no description available]
kde General KDE discussion
kde-accessibility For information and discussion about KDE accessibility
KDE-Android [no description available]
kde-announce moderated list for KDE related announcements
Kde-announce-apps KDE Application announcements
kde-artists For artists and those interested in artwork in KDE
Kde-at [no description available]
Kde-bindings KDE bindings for other programming languages
Kde-br Lista para a comunidade KDE no Brasil
kde-bugs-dist mail
Kde-buildsystem KDE build system (cmake)
kde-china kde-china
kde-commits Notification of KDE commits
kde-community informing about and discussing non-technical community topics
kde-core-devel KDE Core Development
Kde-dashboard [no description available]
kde-de deutschsprachige KDE-Benutzer
kde-devel For discussion of all KDE-related development issues
Kde-devel-es Spanish KDE development list . Lista de desarrollo de KDE en espa�ol
kde-doc-english For people writing documentation for KDE
kde-edu For discussion of KDE Edutainment educational and entertainment software
Kde-edu-pt_br Lista para a comunidade KDE Edu em Portugues
Kde-el [no description available]
kde-embedded For those using KDE on embedded systems
Kde-ev-free-qt-wg internal discussion of the Free Qt Working Group
Kde-events-in A mailing list to organise and discuss KDE conference in India.
Kde-finance-apps [no description available]
Kde-frameworks-devel [no description available]
kde-francophone Traduction en Francais de KDE
kde-freebsd [no description available]
kde-games-bugs [no description available]
kde-games-devel KDE games development
Kde-gardening KDE Gardening
kde-i18n-ca KDE Catalan translation team
kde-i18n-cs KDE Czech translation team
kde-i18n-de german translators
kde-i18n-doc KDE i18n-doc
kde-i18n-el KDE Greek translation
Kde-i18n-eo KDE-internationalization mailing list for the Esperanto team
Kde-i18n-eu KDE Basque translation team
Kde-i18n-fa KDE Persian l10n and l18n team
Kde-i18n-it KDE Italian translation
kde-i18n-lt [no description available]
Kde-i18n-nl Lokalisatie en promotie van KDE in de Nederlandse taal
kde-i18n-pt KDE's localization to European Portuguese
kde-i18n-pt_BR Tradução do KDE para o Português do Brasil
kde-i18n-ro [no description available]
Kde-i18n-sq Albanian translation team
Kde-i18n-sr KDE translation into Serbian
Kde-i18n-uk Ukrainian KDE translators list
KDE-india KDE in India
KDE-Italia KDE Italia
Kde-jp [no description available]
Kde-kr List for KDE and KDE localization in Korea
Kde-l10n-ar [no description available]
Kde-l10n-en_gb British English localization
Kde-l10n-es KDE-ES KDE Spanish translation
Kde-l10n-fi [no description available]
Kde-l10n-he Hebrew translation for KDE - תרגום לעברית
Kde-l10n-hi [no description available]
Kde-l10n-hu [no description available]
Kde-l10n-ia Traductiones de KDE in Interlingua
Kde-l10n-in [no description available]
Kde-l10n-kn KDE Localization to Kannada(kn) language
Kde-l10n-my [no description available]
Kde-l10n-si Localization issues and events related to Sri Lanka
Kde-l10n-sw KDE Localization to Swahili(sw) language
Kde-l10n-ta KDE Tamil translation team
kde-l10n-tr KDE Localization to Turkish (tr) language
Kde-l10n-vi KDE-l10n-vi mailing list
Kde-latam [no description available]
kde-linux For people using KDE on Linux with related questions/problems
KDE-Look KDE Look
kde-mac KDE Software on macOS
kde-mexico KDE Mexico Mailing List
kde-multimedia For discussion of multimedia (sound/video) issues under KDE
kde-nonlinux For questions about KDE running on non-Linux operating systems.
Kde-partnership [no description available]
kde-pim KDE PIM
Kde-print-devel Forum of KDE printing developers
kde-promo KDE Promo
Kde-scm-interest [no description available]
Kde-soc KDE GSoC, SoK, GCi
Kde-soc-management [no description available]
Kde-speech [no description available]
KDE-Telepathy KDE Telepathy
Kde-telepathy-bugs [no description available]
kde-usa Discussion and organization of USA-related activities within KDE
Kde-utils-devel KDE Utilities development
Kde-windows KDE on Windows
kde-women KDE Women project
kde-www kde-www
KDEConnect [no description available]
Kdelibs-bugs kdelibs bug reports
kdenlive Discussions about Kdenlive video editor
Kdepim-bugs KDE PIM bug list
Kdepim-builds Build and test notifications for PIM
kdepim-users For discussion about KDE PIM applications
KDevelop [no description available]
KDevelop-devel KDevelop Developer Mailinglist
Kexi For discussion about KEXI
Kexi-bugs Kexi bug reports
Kexi-devel For developers' discussion about KEXI
kfm-devel [no description available]
KGeoTag KGeoTag users and developers mailing list
KGet [no description available]
Khtml-cvs KHTML/KJS CVS commit logs
kimageshop Krita's developers and users mailing list
Kirigami Development of applications using the Kirigami framework
KMyMoney KMyMoney Users' mailing list
KMyMoney-devel For KMyMoney development
Kompare-devel [no description available]
konsole-devel Konsole development discussion
Konversation-devel Konversation development mailing list
kopete-devel Kopete, the KDE instant messenger
KPhotoAlbum KPhotoAlbum mailing list
Ksecretservice-devel People working on ksecretservice
Kst [no description available]
Kstars-devel KStars Development Mailing List
KStopmotion KDE stopmotion application (in incubation)
Ktechlab-devel [no description available]
kwin Kwin, NET API, kwin styles API, kwin modules API
KWrite-Devel Kate/KWrite Mailing List
KXStitch Cross stitch application
Lakademy-attendees [no description available]
Marble Marble mailing list for users
Marble-bugs Marble Bug list
Marble-commits [no description available]
Marble-devel Developer mailing list for the Marble Project
Massif-visualizer Massif Visualizer discussion and development list
neon Discussion of the KDE neon project
neon-bugs [no description available]
Neon-commits [no description available]
neon-notifications [no description available]
Okular-devel Okular development
Plasma-bugs [no description available]
Plasma-devel [no description available]
Plasma-mobile Plasma Mobile shell and applications
QmlWeb [no description available]
Qtcon-attendees [no description available]
release-team KDE release coordination
rkward-devel Primary mailing list for RKWard development
rkward-tracker [no description available]
rkward-users Mailing list targetted at RKWard users
Rolisteam Let's talk about Rolisteam, a virtual tabletop software.
Snorenotify [no description available]
SymbolEditor QPainterPath symbol library creator
Sysadmin [no description available]
taglib-devel [no description available]
tellico-users [no description available]
umbrello Umbrello user list
umbrello-devel Umbrello development list
Unassigned-bugs [no description available]
Visual-design [no description available]
WebKit-devel [no description available]
WikiToLearn WikiToLearn Development
Zanshin-devel [no description available]

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