[Uml-user] How to not install umbrello as root

Martin Okrslar okrslar at molgen.mpg.de
Tue Feb 11 10:15:06 UTC 2003

Hi Umbrellos,

I compiled Umbrello and so far it worked very well. The only thing is 
that I would like to install umbrello somewhere else than in the 
/usr/local/kde3, because I am not root.

If I pass my desired destination directory to configure I get:

./configure --prefix=/project/algorithmics
checking for KDE... configure: error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix!

After compiling with configure-prefix /usr/local/kde3 and doing a

make install prefix=/project/algorithmics

umbrello gives me an

okrslar at levy:/project/algorithmics> bin/umbrello
bin/umbrello: error while loading shared libraries: 
libcodegenerator.so.0: cannot load shared object file: No such file or 
okrslar at levy:/project/algorithmics>

which seems somehow quite logical, but unsatisfactory ;-)

Any hints how to successfully install/compile/configure to my 
destination directoy?


Martin Okrslar                                          
Grad. Student Algorithmics, Dept. Comp. Mol. Bio        okrslar at molgen.mpg.de
Max Planck Inst. for Molecular Genetics                 phone: +49-30-8413-1166
Ihnestrasse 73, 14195 Berlin, Germany                   fax:   +49-30-8413-1152

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