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Wed Sep 28 11:55:14 UTC 2016

Am 28.09.2016 um 09:42 schrieb Ralf Habacker:
> Am 27.09.2016 um 17:12 schrieb Ralf Habacker:
>> Am 24.09.2016 um 02:46 schrieb Lays Rodrigues:
>>> So I think that depends a little on you reviewing my work and
>>> highlighting points that I need to check.
>> I'm going to try to merge git master into frameworks, which will give
>> a detailed list of issues.
I took a look at the type Qualifier and Modifier widgets:
1.1 They are only visible in class attributes dialog, not in other
dialogs providing types like operations, template, datatype and entity
attribute (if related)
1.2 Opening the attribute dialog on an attribute type for example 
'const int *' does not select 'const' in the qualifier widget and not
'*' in the modifier widget, the complete type including qualifier and
modifier is displayed in the 'type' field.
1.3 The new widgets are visible for all languages, but only applied for
cpp language.
1.4 Because the xmi file format has been changed the related version
needs to be incremented in version.h
1.5 The new xmi file attribute needs to be documentated in the xmi file dtd.

BTW: While reviewing it turned out that umbrello has a bug in this area


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