[umbrello-devel] frameworks-GSoc review

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Fri Jul 22 14:02:31 UTC 2016

a review of .ui changes in the frameworks-GSoc branch by Lays:

Removed Qt 4 code, all good, it's useless now
New .ui dialogues
- attribute properties
  - classifier scope should have space before ("static")
  - Visibility and Type Qualifiers boxes have extra padding, play with
0 layoutSpacing in horizontalLayout_5
  - same with Documentation box
  - "Type" and "Name" labels should be aligned, so should "Type
Modifiers" and "Initial Values"
  - "Type" and "Type Modifiers" comboboxes should stretch to full with
same as text fields below them
- operation properties
  - "Type" should be aligned with "Stereotype names" below it
  - "Type" combobox should stretch to full with it can
  - When clicking "New Operation" the "Name" field is not pre-filled
so clicking "OK" gives an error
- parameter properties
  - consider remaking this as a .ui file
  - "Type" label not aligned with labels below it
  - "Type" combobox not aligned to boxes below it
  - text fields do to stretch to width of dialogue when resizing
- template properties
 - "stereotype" label has different left padding compared to label
above and box below
 - "type" and "name" comboboxes do not stretch when resizing dialogue
- umldatatypewidget
  - this is not editable, it should allow people to enter freeform
text so they can define their own type
- entity attribue
  - Type label not aligned to labels below
  - text boxes do not stretch to fit wider resized dialogue

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