[Uml-devel] Using external library.

Andi Fischer andi.fischer at hispeed.ch
Fri Feb 10 16:38:22 UTC 2012

Am 10.02.2012 15:21, schrieb Skip Huffman:
> Ok, that partially works.  But not entirely. Also instead of importing 
> "time"  it tries to import "Time".  The capitalization is correct in 
> the umbrello model, just not in the generated code.
> Let me restate the question a bit.
> If I were hand coding the library instead of using Umbrello to 
> generate it, I would include several lines at the top:
> from selenium.webdriver.support.ui import WebDriverWait
> from selenium.common.exceptions import *
> import time
> (Those are all external libraries.  One third party, and one standard 
> library.)
> How can I set up the umbrello model to include these same lines in 
> particular classes?
Hi Skip,

What about this idea:

For code generation you can define a file header. Go to Settings - 
Configure Umbrello UML Modeller - Code Generation.
Enter your file header in "Include heading files from folder", where you 
add your import statements.

That is not exactly what you want, because it adds this file header to 
every generated file.
You will have the same import statements in every file.

Please add a wish to bugs.kde.org. Quick idea: It is missing a text box 
where the imports for every class can be entered.



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