[Uml-devel] Some more steps to Qt4 in soc-umbrello

Eike Krumbacher eike.krumbacher at x-eike.de
Tue Apr 27 17:04:22 UTC 2010

Andi Fischer schrieb:
> Goto "Settings" - "Configure Umbrello UML Modeller ..."
> In the now shown configure dialog choose the "General Settings".
> There you find the checkbox "Use new C++/Java/Ruby Generators".
> Check it, close umbrello and start again. When you right click on a 
> class, choose "View Code" in the popup. There you are - the code editor 
> comes up.
> Don't remove it - it's a nice concept!

nice, indeed, it just crashed :-)
(restarting,  add a class, view code, then changing the tab).

It crashes faster than I can see, what it is good for.


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