[Uml-devel] Some more steps to Qt4 in soc-umbrello

Eike Krumbacher eike.krumbacher at x-eike.de
Tue Apr 20 10:25:45 UTC 2010


* The attached patch is mainly to remove QT3 bindings in 

* Furthermore, I suggest to remove umbrello/_unused from svn.

* There is one more thing with qt3 bindings left 
(umbrello/dialogs/codeeditor.{h,cpp}), then we are clean of qt3 code. I 
try to renew the editor.

* I tried to investigate some time in the boost-issue, which makes me 
feel unhappy during build, but I failed. boost::spirit is making some 
trouble, because it was moved somewhere in the new distribution. I was 
lost in namespaces after trying.


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