[Uml-devel] Organizing files into directories

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Tue Jan 27 09:14:18 UTC 2009

Ralf Habacker schrieb:
> Gopala Krishna schrieb:
>> Belated Merry Christmas and
>> Advanced Happy New Year wishes to all you guys :)
>> I am thinking of further organizing the source files into better
>> directory structure.
>> One of the possibilities i thought was to move all the model
>> files(umlattribute, umlconstraint....) to a directory named "models"
>> Similarly move all the widget files to a directory named "widgets"
>> This IMHO will help in finding the right files at the right time.
>> Also certain files like import_rose, petal* files should be moved to
>> appropriate codeimport and codegenrators directory.
>> If at all no one objects this move, my approach would be to carry out
>> above process. And in the CMakeLists.txt, I will just add the above
>> created directories to include path so that the code using these files
>> need not bother.
>> BTW i am not just talking about soc branch, it will be applied to
>> trunk and then imported via svnmerge (again if no one objects ofcourse
>> ;) )
>> So what do you people have to say ?
> I think this would make sense
Any news in this area ?   I have a partial move - *widget.[hc]*  and 
*controller.[hc]* file into relating directory widgets rsp. controller - 
I would check this in if noone objects

BTW: what about the ...list classes

$ ls *list.h
associationwidgetlist.h      umlentityattributelist.h   umlpackagelist.h
codeaccessormethodlist.h     umlentityconstraintlist.h  umlstereotypelist.h
messagewidgetlist.h          umlentitylist.h            umltemplatelist.h
umlassociationlist.h         umlenumliterallist.h       umlviewlist.h
umlattributelist.h           umllistviewitemlist.h      umlwidgetlist.h
umlclassifierlist.h          umlobjectlist.h
umlclassifierlistitemlist.h  umloperationlist.h

$ ls *list.cpp
umlattributelist.cpp           umlentityattributelist.cpp   
umlclassifierlistitemlist.cpp  umlentityconstraintlist.cpp

should they remain in umbrello/umbrello or should they be also moved 
into a separate list subdirectory or somewhere else ?

> Ralf
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