[Uml-devel] [Patch] Crash fix in Collaborations diagrams

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Mon Jan 26 07:57:40 UTC 2009


in recent svn sources there is a bug, which let umbrello crash in 
collaboration diagrams.
The crash is triggered by the following procedure.

1.Open the appended xmi file (collaboration-text.xmi)
2 select the association line
3. Open context menu with a right mouse click and select any of the 
entries except delete
4. The crash happens

The crash was introduced in r710240 and is caused by an incomplete 
PopupMenu integration of m_pName in AssociationWidget.

By default each widget class has a set of methods for popups - 
setupPopupMenu(), removeSetupMenu() and slotMenuSelection() - in 
UMLWidget there are main implementations of those virtual methods. In 
case of collaboration diagrams the AssociationWidget embeds the label of 
type FloatingTextWidget and only runs slotMenuSelection() without any 
setup/remove calls. This results into a zero m_pMenu pointer in 

The appended patch fixes this issue by completing the popup menu 
embedding support in UMLWidget.

Are the any problems with this patch ?

Because this is a platform independent crash fix i think it should also 
be applied to the kde 4.2 branch


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